According to the information of jiwei, the price rise of CCL has been common in the industry for a long time. It's different from the multiple price rises in the first half of last year. base on the influence of the epidemic this year, with the market demand picking up, KB, the leader of CCL, recently issued the first price increase list this year. KB, a copper clad giant, issued a price increase notice on July 15. In view of the rising prices of copper clad materials, such as copper, resin and acetone, which led to the rising cost of copper clad plates, our company will increase the sales prices of all materials from July1. The price increase will be:
FR-4 (40 * 48) price increase + 10 RMB / piece;
CEM-1 / 22F (40 * 48) price increase + 5 RMB / piece;
VO / HB (1030 * 1230) )Price increase range + 5 RMB / sheet;
PP (150 meters) price increase range + 100 RMB / roll.
PCB is known as the "mother of electronic products". It is a printed board that forms point to point connection and printed components on various types of CCL according to the predetermined design. It mainly enables various electronic components to form the predetermined circuit connection. Most electronic equipment must be equipped with PCB, to realize the power supply of electronic equipment, digital and analog signal transmission, RF microwave signal transmission and reception and many other functions. According to the data of prospective industry research institute, CCL accounts for 35% of PCB cost composition, which is the raw material with the highest cost proportion, next to manual manufacturing cost.
From this news we can see three points:
1. Acceleration of 5g construction and high prosperity of electronic consumption demand.
2. Against the background of big loose money, non-ferrous metals and other commodities began to pick up.
3. Copper clad laminate prices, transfer costs, strong demand, improve performance.
With the coming of 5G era, PCB industry in the new infrastructure infrastructure field will usher in the climax of sustainable development. 5g brings a new round of upgrading of base stations and consumer electronics, further drives the increase of high-frequency and high-speed copper clad laminate consumption, and enables the industry to achieve the same price and quantity. However, with the boom of the downstream PCB market, the price of CCL may rise further in the future. The new infrastructure is the replacement of traditional infrastructure, PCB is the replacement of reinforced cement. Complaining is useless, shouting is useless. Roll up your sleeves and do it!