There are many shipping container sizes because they are used to hold various kinds of cargoes. The following are some of the most common types used. 

Standard Containers: 40 Ft

The inside length is 39'5" or 12.036m. The inside width is 7'8" / 2.350m and the inside height is 7'10" / 2.392m. The door is 7'8"/ 2.340m wide. The door height is 7'6" 2.280m. The capacity is 2,390CuFt or 67.7CBM. The tare weight is 8,160lbs or 3,700Kg. The maximum cargo is 59,040lbs / 26,780Kg. 

Standard Containers: 20 Ft


The inside length is 19'4" / 5.900m and the inside width is 7'8" / 2.350m. The inside height is 7'10" / 2.393m. The door is 7'8" / 2.342m wide. The door is 7'6" / 2.280m high. The capacity is 1,172CuFt / 33.2CBM. The tare weight is 4,916lbs / 2,230Kg. The maximum cargo is 47,900lbs / 21,770Kg. 

Opentop Shipping Container Size and Specs 

The opentop 20’ has an inside length of 39'7" / 12.080m. The inside width is 6'10” / 2.438m. The inside height is 6'5" / 2.103m. The tare weight is 12,081lbs / 5,480Kg. The maximum cargo is 85,800lbs or 39,000Kg. 

Flatrack Collapsible Containers Specifications: 20’

The tare weight is 6,061lbs / 2,750Kg. The top cargo load is 61,117lbs / 17,730Kg. The inside height is 7'4" / 2.233m. The inside width is 7'3” / 2.208m and the inner length is 18'6" / 5.618m. 

Flatrack Collapsible Containers Specifications: 40”

The inside height is 6'5" / 2.043m and the inside width is 6'10" / 2.126m. The container’s inside height is 39'7” / 12.080m. The maximum cargo is 85,800lbs / 39,000Kg. The tare weight is 12,081lbs / 5,800Kg. 

20 Ft Reefer Container Specifications 

The inside length is 17'8" and the inside width is 7'5". The inside height is 7'5" and the door width is 7'5". The door is 7'3" high and the capacity is 1,000CuFt. The maximum cargo is 45,760lbs and the tare weight is 7,040lbs. 

40 Ft Reefer Container Specifications

The cargo capacity is 56,276lbs and the tare weight is 10,780lbs. The capacity is 2,040CuFt and the door is 7'0" high. The door is 7'5" wide. The inside height is 7'2" and the inside width is 7'5". The inside length is 37'8". 

The shipping container sizes specified here are the most common, but by no means the only ones available. Some manufacturers may develop their own custom containers to carry other loads. Check with the manufacturer to avoid mistakes.